hand made, veneer lamps

These lamps are a stunning addition to any space even during the day, then at night when they are switched on they will illuminate any space with an amazingly warm glow, this shows off the natural patterns and textures of wood creating a captivating ambiance with some projected scattered light around the lamp depending on the grain patterns, suitable for any room in the home or office.

Our lamps are all hand crafted in our workshop in north London and are usually only made to order, we do this to ensure that we get the best cuts out of each slice of the hand selected veneer depending on the type of products ordered, we have all the component parts in stock so we can achieve a very quick turnaround usually within 5 to 7 working days.

The veneer is carefully hand formed around a plastic tube so it’s quite robust.  

These lamps are also suitable for caravans, campervans and boats as they use LED strip lighting and will work off a 12v DC supply.

We only use veneers that come from responsibly managed forests, so we are not using any exotic timbers form areas of our planet that are endangered from deforestation.

We hand select five different spices of the finest quality veneers Ash, Birch, Maple, Oak, and Poplar all these trees are native to the northern hemisphere.

The wood for the lamp base and tops are all sourced from local sawmills within the UK.     

Each lamp is unique as the veneer varies in each batch as it will be from a different tree.

Cleaning, please use a slightly damp lint free cloth to clean the wooden parts only, be sure to switch the lamp off before you do this,

Each row has three photos, first is switched off, second is switched on "click on this photo to go to shop" and the third photo is a close up of the veneer detailing the amazing grain patterns.