Tube lamps.

These beautiful lamps made from real wood veneer with captivating intricate grain patterns will create a warm atmospheric light in any space.​ Each lamp is unique as the veneer varies in each batch as it will be from a different tree.

Our lamps are all hand crafted in our workshop in north London and are usually only made to order.               We do this to ensure that we get the best cuts out of each slice of the hand selected veneer depending on the type of products ordered, we have all the component parts in stock so we can achieve a very quick turnaround usually within 5 to 7 working days.

Tube lamp, blue
Tube lamp,
Pair of tube lamps.
Pair of tube lamps.
Pair of tube lamps

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These lamps come in two different sizes, 320mm and 460mm tall, the base is 120mm in diameter and the tube is 60mm in diameter.

The veneer is carefully formed around a plastic tube so the lamps is very robust.


320mm £95 and 460mm £120. 



You can use standard wood cleaning/polishing products to keep your lamp clean.