Candle power.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so i will let the photos below do the talking about these awesome veneer candle lights. 

wine glass, candle light.
tube candle light,
Set of 3 wine glass candles.
Set of 3 tube candle lights.
tube candle light, maple veneer.
tube candle light, Poplar veneer.
Set of 3 wine glass candle lights.
Tube candle light,
Wine glass candle light, Poplar
Wine glass candle light, maple.
Wine glass candle light, Ash.
Tube candle light, Ash
Set of 3 tube candle lights.
Set of 3 tube candle lights.

There are two types of candle lights, Wine Glass and Tube, both are finished with copper rims, the tube style comes with its own little votive glass. Both styles are priced at £20 each.    

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